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CCTV Camera.

The importance of CCTV in various of spheres of commerce, social life and policing the citizens is well appreciated by all. When the persons are aware that they are under the vigilant eyes of a CCTV camera, their behaviours become “conditioned”. CCTV not only displays live behaviour but it also provides an “Audit Trail” of who has done what. This deters the persons from indulging in undesirable behaviour, and at all, they do so, it is easy to detect them and penalise them. The CCTV is more than a modern avatar of “Sanjay Drashti” narrated in our scriptures. It promotes discipline, productivity, sense of safety and lots of administrative convenience to the managers. Internet and mobile technology enable you to monitor the people, projects and places on “live” basis irrespective of your location. Having proved its utility and efficacy in public places, the CCTV has now made inroads in personal space – residences, residential colonies, parking, religious and social ceremonies, Trade Fares, etc. In near future, the CCTV will cease to be an Office Equipment and will become a domestic gadget.

Jamsab Computers Pvt Ltd is one of Authorised CCTV camera dealers and distributors located at Naranpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat (India).